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Four high quality must buy’s for health enthusiasts

Super Omega 3: Enteric coated and moleculary distilled. Meaning any chance of fish taste or burps is null and all mercury or contaminants removed. The high dose EPA/DHA - the two primary omega 3's for health benefits are found in a high dose. One capsule per serving. You won't be able to find an omega 3 fish oil of this quality for this price. Benefits of using a high quality and potency fish oil can include: neuro-protection with healthy brain aging and functioning - used to prevent early dementia and Alzheimer's. Protection from oxidative stress and assisting in the recovery of withering neurons. It can also provide relief from pain as an anti-inflammatory, healthy immune function, lowered cholesterol and blood pressure as well as anti-depressant/anxiety properties. 2 months’ supply for about $8 a month

Korean Ginseng: "Adaptogen" - a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress and to exert a normalizing effect upon bodily processes. Aides in cognitive functioning, increases energy and libido. Our brand is the highest quality Korean Panax Ginseng available. And put into a European Standardized Extract for potency and purity. Energize and adapt for about $6.75 a month.

Garcinia Cambogia - AKA Super Citrimax: Super Citrimax is the brand name of a patented ingredient and extraction method of Garcinia Cambogia's active compound: Hydroxy-Citric-Acid, or HCA. It's the form that's been used in clinical studies and is standardized to 60%. It's used as an anti-depressant and weight loss aide. It's thought to stimulate serotonin, creating a feeling of satiety and in high doses may even increase metabolic rate (rate at which you burn energy/calories.) A good dose is 1200-3000 mg a day but it's expensive and hard to get there. Our ultra-potent form of the best Garcinia Cambogia is 1000 mg per serving and we give you 90 capsules for less than $16. Competitors sell the same product for over $30

Resveratrol: Typically sourced from red wine extract, Resveratrol has long since been linked to longevity. In clinical studies it extended the life span of rats by 25-33%, which is nothing short of incredible. It's been the belief of many that the longevity of life in the areas like the Mediterranean and Japan is partly due to the consumption of this compound. Resveratrol has very poor bio-availability so it MUST be in a micronized or "trans" form to work at all. Don't be fooled by other brands, it must say micro or trans and be in an extract. The potency needed for effect is between 200-500 mg which can be very hard to obtain, especially for a reasonable price. Other benefits of Resveratrol include: weight loss, blood sugar regulation, high antioxidant value, and most notably, the positive effect is has on heart health and it's relation to longevity (lifespan and quality of life.) You could spend $50-$70 on some brands or you can get an authentic trans-resveratrol extract from Kramer's Health Foods between $10-15 a month.